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Massage Therapy

Offering general Swedish relaxation, hot stone and other modalities of massage. Headache and stress relief are available through scalp and neck massage. Rossiter assisted stretching is offered to relieve lower back pain, knee pain, as well as neck problems.

Scalp Massage
Using gentle but firm pressure, small sections of hair gripped by the therapist are gently pulled from your scalp to the end of each section of hair. This causes a release of endorphins & tension in the micro muscles surrounding each hair follicle, causing the relaxation response in your entire body. The relaxation response neutralizes stress chemicals because hair pulling scalp massage releases endorphins, your body’s own natural painkillers, it is effective for:

Headaches (including migraines & sinus)
• Whiplash
• Neck and shoulder tension
• TMJ dysfunction syndrome
• Neurological trauma
• Nerve injury
• Body aches and stiffness
• Mental tension
• Emotional upset
Full session adds neck/shoulder 25 min $30
Half session 15mins $20

A Rossiter System® Workout $45…per workout
The Rossiter System® is a two-person stretching program that combines common connective/soft-tissue modalities with the uniquely powerful twist of active client participation in the stretching techniques. Rossiter is an effective tool for structural pain and limited flexibility/range of motion, preventing, alleviating and reversing pain and pain-related symptoms quickly. A massage focuses on muscle groups or specific muscles, while the Rossiter System® focuses entirely on the underlying and broader connective tissue system and it addresses different levels and types of connective tissue (outer layers, inner layers). The client is an active participant and each coaching appointment with a Rossiter Coach is called a “workout” instead of a session, treatment or therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage
This technique helps reduce tight-knotted muscles (tissue that is not receiving oxygen or functioning well). Tight-knotted muscles are usually found around old inflamed injuries & over- used muscles; Deep tissue massage can increase limited flexibility & range of motion & decrease chronic pain. This massage focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue & uses deeper, direct, slow strokes & friction and works best on specific areas of the body and may cause some soreness a day or two after, due to the release of the scar tissue.
1 hr $80
½ hr $55

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